Sheri Gayer
Owner, Makeup Artist, Skin & Waxing specialist, Eyebrow Artist

As the owner of Water’s Edge, Sheri wants everyone who visits the salon to leave feeling amazing inside and out. For her, beauty comes from the confidence of being your own kind of beautiful. In the salon, you will notice a lot of bold turquoise greens and blues. They represent the color of the peacock, her spirit animal. The peacock struts gracefully, holding its head high for all to see. It brings her tremendous satisfaction to watch her clients walk a little taller and more confident as they leave. 

Sheri started working in the salon at age 18 as a Front Desk Coordinator. Over the years, she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a cosmetology license and certifications in Airbrush makeup, Henna brows, Bioelements Skin Care, Nufree, Lash & Brow tinting, Lash Lift and speed waxing. She purchased the salon in 2016 from her good friend Shelly Devlin. The Water's Edge is Sheri's happy place and she couldn’t imagine a career anywhere else.

Sheri is a multitasking owner, skin care specialist, eyebrow stylist and makeup artist. She loves helping brides and bridesmaids get ready for their big day as well as teaching how to apply makeup to young ballerinas to those embracing their grays. She spent 15 years in search of makeup that could be customized—then she gave up and created her own. Inspyr Cosmetics, founded in 2015, focuses on healthy makeup formulated for individual skin type, color and coverage. 

Favorite Beauty hack: Using makeup remover to take Bandaid residue off skin

Passions: She loves to unwind with a New England motorcycle ride, spontaneous cookouts with friends and family, tent camping, and she almost always has one earbud in listening to books.

Her Word: Perfectionist!
Favorite Quote:"Surround yourself with people you love & trust; they will be your personal board of directors."


Rita Suarez
Educational Director

Rita’s red hair, feisty personality and bright green eyes have made her a client favorite for over 20 years at Water’s Edge. Clients may come in for a perm, Rita’s specialty, but they also get a few naughty jokes and some therapy at the same time. Rita was taught early on to respect all clients and recognize they are a walking advertisement for her styling skills, good or bad. That’s why Rita listens carefully to what clients want and makes sure they leave feeling beautiful inside and out. 

Besides perms, Rita also has extensive experience and has taken classes in precision cutting, texturizing and clipper techniques. She believes changing the texture and pattern of hair, and adding volume, will always be in style. She enjoys styling with hair color and providing men’s specialty cuts. Rita has a special bond with her many regular clients, who appreciate her combination of humor and compassion.

Favorite Beauty hack:  Putting hair spray on pen marks before washing removed unwanted stains on favorite clothes. 
Passions: It doesn't matter where or when, but having time with family and friends is her favorite. Coming from an Italian family, she's always trying out new recipes to go along with the old family ones.

Her Word: Radiant

Her Quote: "You'll always get what you always got, if you do what you've always done."

Lisa Moore
Educational Directors

Lisa has been styling hair at Water’s Edge for more than a decade and knows what her clients want: They want the positive energy that comes from being themselves and feeling beautiful. A tall, willowy blond, Lisa exudes confidence and works hard to make her clients leave with a smile. Lisa started as a client herself, and loves the fun, team atmosphere of the salon. 

Lisa‘s vast knowledge of hair styling helps her make each client feel beautiful inside and out. She attended Continental Academie of Hair and is certified in chemical straightening, color and foils, facial wax and hair extensions. She also specializes in formal hair design and clipper cuts. Lisa has a great sense of humor and has a loyal client base that likes her honesty and wit.  

Favorite Beauty hack: Black sharpie hides an ugly bleach stain on clothes. 
Passions: She loves to travel and explore new adventures. Put Lisa on a plane and she'll find awesome things to do where ever she lands. While in New England you might find her at the beach, a mountain, a sports field or a back yard - and she's never alone. Lisa treasures the relationships she has with her family and her friends.

Her Word: Motivated!

Her Quote: "Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away."

Haley Ferrell
Master Stylist, Makeup Artist and Nail Technician

Haley comes to work each day with a smile, a different hair color and a creative application of her makeup. A past graduate of Pinkerton Academy and a recent graduate of Empire Beauty School, Haley loves sharing her creativity with her clients to make them feel beautiful for whatever the day brings. She is also active locally, working with a local photography studio focused on female empowerment.

Haley turned a mentorship with Shelly into a job at Water’s Edge, and we are so glad she did. During high school, Haley had theme week for her nail art and planned to make that her career. Haley specializes in color formulation, long hair designs and precise nail painting. She is also skilled at balayages (a specialty hair dyeing technique) and bridal updos. Lucky for us, Haley also has a great creative mind for our reader board sign and her awesome chalk drawings in our manicure room. Haley is young, creative, hardworking and inspiring to be around.

Favorite Beauty hack: Use older mascara to prime lashes and newer mascara on the second coat so the second coat goes on evenly.
Passions: Her sincerest passion is pursuing her dreams. Haley will push herself outside her comfort zone to conquer her quest.

Her Word: Consciencious

Her Quote:"Make a wish, take a chance, make a change."

Theresa Miele

Theresa spent her life in the salon business, first as the owner of hair salons and in more recent years as a receptionist. She loves laughing and conversing with other women and seeing people’s smiles after their appointment. She is classy, sassy and professional, and is filled with stories about her time in the beauty industry.

A warm welcoming smile is her definition of beauty, so it’s how she greets all clients coming into Water’s Edge. A lot has changed since Theresa ran salons—women no longer sit under dryers with rollers in their hair and a cigarette in their hands—but a lot hasn’t. People still walk into a salon wanting to feel beautiful and walk out with an extra spring in their step. Theresa has been in the business for decades, and couldn’t imagine spending her days anywhere else. 

Passions: Theresa cherishes time with her kids and grand kids. She's an Italian momma who loves when the whole family is sitting around the dinner table. Theresa also looks forward to time with her girl friends. Anything can be solved after a chat on the phone with friend.

Her Word: Candid

Her Quote: "I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done."

​Ann Marie Crichton

Ann Marie heard about Water’s Edge from a friend who is a raving fan of the salon and thought it sounded like a great place to work. Ann Marie is a nurturer, making clients feel welcome from the moment they step into the salon. She was taught that everything you do in life has a ripple effect, so she treats everyone with kindness and respect, all while making sure everyone entering and exiting the salon gets the service and attention they need. 

Ann Marie is a real estate agent and lifelong learner and finds the spa environment calming.  She defines beauty as presenting yourself and walking proud, and loves to see people transformed from them when enter the salon to when they leave. Helping clients at key points in this journey is a job she takes very seriously and cherishes.

Passions: Ann Marie loves time with her family. Even though her own kids are on their way to independence, she'll help them any chance she gets. Her favorite place to relax is on the beach doing absolutely nothing!

​Her Word: Compassionate