​Buffed, Fluffed & Polished                                         $196
Look good and feel good with these three services. Start off with a Chinese Herbology Body Wrap, followed by a Signature Paraffin Pedicure and Gel Polish Express Manicure. Your skin and nails will look and feel great!
Approximately 3.5 Hours

Reality Relief                                                          $199
Escape the everyday realities! Dive into a world of calmness with a ninety minute Sticks & Stones Body Treatment, Body Polish and European Facial
Approximately 2.5 Hours

A Fresh Start                                                          $195
Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective...a beauty makeover...a fresh start! Start off with a 30 minute Chinese Body Polish to get your skin feeling amazing. Follow it up with a Classic PedicureGel Polish Express Manicure and top it off with a Shampoo, Blowdry & Style along with a Makeup Touchup.
Approximately 3.5 Hours

Livin' in Luxury                                                     $392
You deserve to feel like royalty! Spend your day in our spa and you'll feel like you own the throne. Start your royal day with a Chinese Herbology Body Wrap, sixty minute Sticks & Stones Body Treatment and Custom Blend Facial. Once your mind and body are feeling fantastic you'll enjoy a Signature Paraffin PedicureSignature Paraffin Manicure and walk out with a beautiful doo after your Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style.
Approximately 5.5 Hours

The Ultimate Nap                                                 $225
If you are in desperate need of a long restful nap this package is for you! 3 hours of pampering and relaxation. Start off with a Custom Blend Facial, followed by a Vacation Hour and topped off with a Luxury Pedicure. You won't even have to leave the comfort of the room to enjoy all three of these treatments.
Approximately 3 Hours

The Multi-Tasker                                                    $100
Need some spa love but short on time? We can do a European Facial while you get an Express Pedicure.
Approximately 45 minutes

He's the Man                                                          $162
Our guy friends have to relax too! A sixty minute Bamboo Body Treatment, Scalp Massage and a Luxury Pedicure will have him rested and rejuvenated!
Approximately 2.5 Hours

The Sampler                                                            $171
This is the best appetizer ever! Not sure you are ready for a full spa day? Sample all of the best spa services! Enjoy a European Facial, 30 minute Mini Vacation, Express Manicure and Express Pedicure.
Approximately 2 Hours

Relaxation x2                                                         $384
It's always nice to relax with a companion. Who's your peanut butter to your jelly? The mac to your cheese? Share a treatment room with your partner in crime! Side by side with two technicians you'll relax with a European Facial and Bamboo Body Treatment followed by side by side Classic Pedicures.
Approximately 2.5 Hours

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