The Ultimate Nap                                                 $240
If you are in desperate need of a long restful nap this package is for you! 3 hours of pampering and relaxation. Start off with a Custom Blend Facial, followed by a Vacation Hour and topped off with a Luxury Pedicure. You won't even have to leave the comfort of the room to enjoy all three of these treatments.
Approximately 3 Hours

For Him                                                                 $114
Our guy friends have to relax too! A Men's Custom Facial and Herbal Grains Back Treatment will have him feeling rested and rejuvenated.
Approximately 1.5 Hours

The Appetizer                                                         $162
This is the best appetizer ever! Not sure you are ready for a full spa day? Sample all of the best spa services! Enjoy a Express Custom Facial, 15 minute Vacation, Triple Corrective Arm & Hand Treatment, Express Manicure and Express Pedicure.
Approximately 2 Hours

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Wake Me Up Tomorrow                                        $206
Look good and feel good with these amazing services. Start off with THE 90 Minute Facial with a Paraffin Hand Treatment followed by a Signature Paraffin Pedicure. Your skin and toes will look and feel great!
Approximately 3.75 Hours

Relaxation x2                                                         $392
It's always nice to relax with a companion. Who's your peanut butter to your jelly? The mac to your cheese? Share a treatment room with your partner in crime! Side by side with two technicians you'll relax with an Express Custom Facial and 60 minute Bamboo Body Treatment followed by side by side Classic Pedicures.
Approximately 2.5 Hours

3 to 12 Months of Spa Time        
Not everyone has the ability to spend several hours at the spa in one day. For the person who loves spa services, all year round - you can gift several visits of spa time!

Package of 3 Custom Blend Facials                                        $249
Package of 6 Custom Blend Facials                                        $498
Package of 12 Custom Blend Facials                                       $996
Package of 3, 60 Minute Bamboo Body Treatments                $243

Package of 6, 60 Minute Bamboo Body Treatments                $486
Package of 12, 60 Minute Bamboo Body Treatments               $972