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We have 3 levels of stylist pricing. Each level is based on a number of factors, including: reputation, skill, overall demand for services, experience, certifications in specialized services, quality of tools, teamwork behaviors, leadership and education. As a stylist promotes up in levels, you will see an increase in the costs of their services. This is reflective of the investment they have made in their professional development. Our Education Directors are also our internal trainers and mentors.

We offer a variety of Cutting & Styling techniques for Adults, Teens & Children. A low maintenance style with creative Braids are fun and unique. For a weekly style or a special occasion a Shampoo & Style or Shampoo & Set gets your day or night off to a great start. We also offer Wig Consultations & Cuts for those in medical treatment, or if you just want to have fun.

Shampoo, Cut & Style

 Designer Stylist  $44   ︴ Master Stylist  $50   ︴Educational Director  $63

Clipper Cut

 Designer Stylist  $36   ︴ Master Stylist  $41   ︴Educational Director  $53

Children's Cut (under 12)

Designer Stylist  $32   ︴ Master Stylist  $36   ︴Educational Director  $44

Bang Trims or Undercut Refresh
​Designer Stylist  $15   ︴ Master Stylist  $18   ︴Educational Director  $20

A spa hair treatment is a great compliment to any chemical service, haircut or shampoo & style. These services do not include a blow dry when scheduled as a single service. We recommend scheduling the following services along with a service that includes a finish.

Our Deep Conditioning Treatment                    +25
Features a combination of high quality ingredients that are designed to deeply penetrate into the depth of the hairshaft, providing it with nutrition, nourishment and fortifying molecules. This treatment repairs damaged hair by increasing the elasticity and rebuilding the strength, as well as bringing the shine back to the hair.

Yo-Cond - A Yogurt based Toning Conditioner to Enhance Your Hair's Natural Pigmentation        +25
Add hydration, brightness and shine to dull, natural or tinted hair without permanently changing the colour.

The De-Mineralizing Treatment                       +25
Removes product build-up by gently lifting minerals (caused by hard water) or salts (caused by softened water) and resins from styling products that have attached to the hair. This wellness approach uses a gentle resin-removal cleanser to help restore shine, volume and manageability to hair while ensuring the proper processing of color, perm or relaxer chemicals as it removes the wall of resin build-up and/or mineral build-up that can inhibit chemicals from effectively penetrating.

The Scalp Treatment Adds Nutrition and Nourishment to Your Scalp.                             +25
This customized service relaxes you with a scalp massage and hot towel neck wrap, while it revitalizes and stimulates your scalp and hair folicles.

Whether it's for a weekly style or special occasion, a shampoo and style or roller set gets your day or night off to a great start!

 Designer Stylist  $38   ︴ Master Stylist  $43   ︴Educational Director  $52

A great shampoo, blow out with some added custom curls will give your hair incredible bounce and texture.

 Designer Stylist  $55   ︴ Master Stylist  $59   ︴Educational Director  $76

Take some stress out of recital preparation! Followup your dance hair with recital makeup too!

Designer Stylist  $37   ︴ Master Stylist  $40   ︴Educational Director  $46

Our team of professional hairstylists will work with you to design the perfect look for your special event. From a photo shoot to a wedding, let our team of talented professionals create your one-of-a-kind "do" for your special occasion. Please arrive with dry hair.

Designer Stylist  $76   ︴ Master Stylist  $83   ︴Educational Director  $106

Trial Session (schedules for 1.5 hours)

Designer Stylist  $115   ︴ Master Stylist  $128   ︴Educational Director  $145

The Water's Edge combines artistry and the most current science of hair colouring to bring out the best in your hair using custom coloring techniques that are always specifically designed for each client. Our colour services include an array of techniques from foils to custom-formulated "potions" especially designed for you. *The pricing below is our minimum starting rate. Pricing varies among individuals length, volume and desired outcome.

Single Process Colour
A one step process using a single color formula. Pricing is based on a re-touch service of approximately 1/2 inch of hair growth. Includes a Blow-dry & Style. *Pricing may vary depending on length & density of hair

 Designer Stylist  $65   ︴ Master Stylist  $76   ︴Educational Director  $91

Double Process Colour
A two step process for single dimension color. Pricing is based on a re-touch service of approximately 1/2 inch of hair growth. Includes a Blow-dry & Style. *Pricing may vary depending on length & density of hair

 Designer Stylist  $102   ︴ Master Stylist  $112   ︴Educational Director  $128

Foil Dimensional Color & Highlighting
Whether you're lightening, darkening or a mixture of both, a foiling technique provides beautiful dimension to the hair. Highlighting foils include our protein additive to keep the hair fibers strong and healthy.  Includes a Blow-dry & Style. *Pricing may vary depending on length & density of hair

Full Foil Highlighting and Dimensional Color
Designer Stylist  $135   ︴ Master Stylist  $143   ︴Educational Director  $174

Partial Foil Highlighting and Dimensional Color
Designer Stylist  $98   ︴ Master Stylist  $109   ︴Educational Director  $127

Partial Foil and Single Process Colors
Designer Stylist  $136   ︴ Master Stylist  $156   ︴Educational Director  $192

Creative & Corrective Colouring
Also known as Balayage, Colormelts, Fashion Colors as well as Corrective coloring. Whether you're looking for soft blended free hand painted color to avoid regrowth or a dramatic transition of color from roots to ends, our stylists will create a custom look to achieve your desired results. These services are priced at an hourly rate and include any and all lightener, color, hair restoration complex, color remover as well as a Blow-dry & Style.

Most Creative & Corrective Colouring start at a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. We offer a complimentary virtual or in person consultation to offer you an estimate of time to achieve your desired results. A consultation also helps us know how much time to reserve for you, therefore a consultation must happen prior to scheduling any creative or corrective coloring.

Designer Stylist  $87 per hour   ︴ Master Stylist  $97 per hour  ︴Educational Director  $107 per hour

Sunkissed Highlights
6 to 8 foils are strategically placed around your face to slightly lighten your color,  giving the appearance of those natural childhood sunkissed highlights. Sunkissed Highlights do not include a blow-dry. This service is best when paired with a Shampoo & Style, Haircut or Single Process Color.

 Designer Stylist  $47   ︴ Master Stylist  $57   ︴Educational Director  $67

Splash of Colour
Add a few splashes of dimension to your hair! Face framing foils are to be combined with a Shampoo & Style, Haircut or  Single Process Color

Face Frame Foils           $8 each

Add length, add volume, add creative highlights. Our certified hair extension experts offer a complimentary consultation to determine what your desire from the extensions are, to discuss maintaining a beautiful look, and to provide accurate pricing. We offer tied wefts, tape hair application as well as clip in extensions.

If your eyebrows are too light or too gray, an eyebrow tinting can change your eyebrows to the color you want. It's a great way to contour your facial features!

Eyebrow Tinting           $20

We guarantee our chemical services with the at home use of sulfate free professional products. All Texture Management services come with a Blow-dry & Style

Permanent waves add lift, texture and bounce to your hair. Let our talented stylists design the perfect body, wave or curl.

Designer Stylist  $100  ︴ Master Stylist  $110   ︴Educational Director  $125

Partial Permanent
Need more volume or curl in one section of your hair?

Designer Stylist  $70   ︴ Master Stylist  $85   ︴Educational Director  $100

Designer Long Hair
A Designer perm is intended for a long hair spiral wave or an uneven wave.

 Designer Stylist  $150   ︴ Master Stylist  $175   ︴Educational Director  $200


Healthy hair should never come at the expense of your health. Cezanne Keratin Treatments has been and always will be 100% formaldehyde-free and promise to never use harsh chemicals or toxins.  Gone are the days of making sacrifices to get gorgeous hair. With Cezanne, you can get smooth, glossy hair and get going with whatever your day demands. Unlike other keratin treatments, there’s no downtime—as soon as your appointment is over, you can shampoo, style, restyle, work out, even get your hair colored. No waiting necessary. Your hair will remain smooth and frizz-free through it all.

 Short Hair – Chin length or shorter

Medium Length – Between Chin & Shoulder

Long Hair – Below Shoulder

Classic Keratin and Blonde Classic Keratin

​The Classic Smoothing Treatment smooths all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured and curly hair. This is the most effective treatment for virgin hair. Our Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment is formulated specially with blondes in mind, using blue-violet pigment to remove brassy shades while smoothing and glossing damaged hair. This service takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete and results last up to 5 months. 

Classic Keratin

Short Hair      Designer Stylist  $170  ︴ Master Stylist  $190  ︴Educational Director  $210

Medium Hair      Designer Stylist  $215  ︴ Master Stylist  $238  ︴Educational Director  $263

Long Hair      Designer Stylist  $255  ︴ Master Stylist  $285  ︴Educational Director  $315

Ultimate Blonde Classic Keratin

Short Hair      Designer Stylist  $180  ︴ Master Stylist  $200  ︴Educational Director  $220

Medium Hair      Designer Stylist  $225  ︴ Master Stylist  $248  ︴Educational Director  $273

Long Hair      Designer Stylist  $265  ︴ Master Stylist  $295  ︴Educational Director  $325

Express Keratin and Blonde Express Keratin

​Need a smoothing treatment that will also protect color-treated hair? The express moisturizes hair while strengthening the keratin complex in each strand. It works for all hair types, from straight hair to textured and curly hair. For a quick, easy keratin treatment that leaves hair smoother and beautifully toned, our Express Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment does the trick. It’s specially formulated for blondes to improve the health and shine of hair, without any unwanted added warmth to the color. This service takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete and results last up to 3 months.

Express Keratin

Short & Medium Hair      Designer Stylist  $128   ︴ Master Stylist  $143   ︴Educational Director  $158

Long Hair      Designer Stylist  $170   ︴ Master Stylist  $190   ︴Educational Director  $210

Ultimate Blonde Express Keratin

Short & Medium Hair      Designer Stylist  $138   ︴ Master Stylist  $153   ︴Educational Director  $168

Long Hair      Designer Stylist  $180   ︴ Master Stylist  $200  ︴Educational Director  $220