Water's Edge Salon & Spa in Derry, NH at 128 East Broadway     603.421.1990

Arm, Woman                 $30

Arm, Man                        $40
Underarm                       $20
Upper Leg                       $45

Lower Leg                       $45
Full Leg                             $65
Bikini                                 $38
Brazilian                          $53
Back                                   $40
Back & Shoulders        $50
Chest & Belly                 $40

Take care of unwanted hair for men and women. Relax in our private skin care rooms and let our professionals take care of you. The Water's Edge is a proud registered user of Nufree Nudesse. Nufree is an anti microbial, soy based botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective. Nufree has proved to be the best form of liquid epilation for over 30 years by Aestheticians, Dermatologist, and Plastic Surgeons. Nufree is a "non-wax, non-sugar" liquid product that joins with hair oils, not the skin.

Face                                  $30
Eyebrow                         $15
Center Brow                 $10
Lip                                     $10
Chin                                  $9
Sideburns                      $12
Hairline Neck               $10
Ears                                  $10
Toes                                  $10