Your Gray Hair & You!

It's sort of's kind of white...maybe brownish? The texture has completely changed. Your eyebrows are non existent or have they taken over your face? Should you color your hair, but how do you grow the gray out? Are you ready for gray hair? Does gray hair mean it has to be short?

You can still feel forever young and rock gray hair! Learn how to manage this life transition, by spending an hour discussing the changes of your hair, eyebrows, makeup and skincare.

Do It Yourself Sessions

Stumped? Aggravated? 
Can’t rock out your style at home? 

Want to look like you just left the salon, everyday? Maybe you’re using too much product, or maybe holding your brush in a different angle will change everything. Whatever it may be, we can help!

Bring your blow dryer, curling irons, hot iron, brushes and combs. Bring your shampoo, conditioner, styling products and hair sprays. Sign up with one of our stylists and let us show you step by step how to rock your look! 

A Great look for all Occasions!

From a professional daytime look to a more dramatic evening look, our makeup artists can work with you and your existing makeup collection to help you enhance your best features.

This session will teach you all the tricks of the trade when applying makeup and the subtle touches to transform a delicate look to a elegant one. Love the makeup you have? Bring it along with you. 

Lots of Formal Events to Attend?

With weddings, holidays and formal events you can look your best with the help from our creative design team. 
During this session you will receive step by step instructions to help you create a quick do-it-yourself gorgeous updo. Perfect for all of your special occasions throughout the year! 

Tired of Ponytails?

We’ll teach you a variety of braids, twists and knots on your daughter, so she can look great in the morning. And best of all, these styles are not only easy to learn, but they will only take you 10 minutes from start to finish!

All you need to attend this class is your brush and your daughter as a chaperon! It’s great bonding time for mom or dad too!